How we work

Our operation is a multi-faceted business, pursuing development and investment opportunities in single family, multi-family, and commercial properties.We work closely with the national government, local government, and other financial institutions to leverage programs using private/public funding as well as specific accompanying tax credits. Since R Kyndall has such a diverse portfolio with creative approaches to mixed-use and mixed-income developments—as well as market-rate luxury housing—community leaders and government housing agencies in Pittsburgh consistently turn to R Kyndall as their preferred development partner.


R Kyndall’s licensed general contractors and business team will learn about your project, business, or investment goals and find the perfect site for you. Through our extensive networks, we source development opportunities before they become widely marketed.


The site and local community drives our developments—not the product. Our team works seamlessly together with the best architects to ensure every project is designed with the perfect blend of design aesthetic, construct-ability, long term efficiency, quality, and value.


Our development services team provides oversight of all phases of the development process, from project advisory and feasibility planning to project closeout. During the build process, your project manager will oversee and carefully control all cost components, keep you informed, and facilitate communication between all team members.


For clients lacking the expertise or capacity to manage a real estate project during the construction phase, we provide ground level assistance to ensure a successful outcome. Our team will provide guidance in the pre-development stage and throughout the project to maximize potential.

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