"We put a personal touch into EVERY project. No two R Kyndall developments are the same."

— Steffan Johnson


R Kyndall Development Group is a real estate development and property management company specializing in high-end commercial and residential developments. We focus on new construction, renovation, restoration, and adaptive reuse projects throughout the diverse neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.

We focus on community revitalization efforts and emphasize responsible and sustainable urban renewal. We partner with well-respected architects, interior designers, and craftsmen to create superior living experiences. By combining utility with innovative design concepts, we create thought provoking, coveted spaces for all of our clients.

what we do

Here at R Kyndall, we are primarily focused on urban infill housing projects. This includes houses constructed on vacant or underused lots, and houses that undergo major refurbishment. We want to help our customers create spaces that are unique and personal with great design and high quality that they can be proud of.

Our goal is to construct, refurbish, renovate, and remake homes and buildings that will benefit the residents of the community.

New Construction
Adaptive Reuse